carinaahlskog [11:54 AM]
uploaded and commented on an image: SAVEJABRIL.jpg

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Enough is enough. Our promising striker ace Jabril has been told that he will be deported and sent back to Somalia. MunU will not accept this, and now it’s time for our team to fight on the barricades and protest against the Migration board’s decision.
If Finland is making life miserable for Jabril and MunU, MunU will make life difficult for Finland.
Now we’re hoping to create an opinion and ultimately bring order to the asylum processes in the country. Therefore MunU has decided to withdraw from the series! If Jabril can’t play for MunU, MunU will not play at all.
It is horrible that a young conscientious guy like Jabril who has been here over a year, who has several support families around him, who has been integrated in associations and who is actively studying Swedish and already today is just like any other man on the street, should be sent home to a country where everything has been taken away from him and where threats are surrounding him. There is nothing to return to. And we need him. He fits more than well with us.
For MunU Jabril is our team’s future striker. Our old strikers does not produce anymore. Now it’s time for a younger ability to step forward. And this ability is Jabril. He is one of us!
Munsala United are hoping for support by other clubs. Join the campaign #savejabril.
Help us to create opinion. Like and Share. https://www.facebook.com/munsalaunited/photos/a.1487069838273552.1073741828.1444041352576401/1646237749023426/?type=3&theater

champ_arts [2:10 PM]
Fantastisk bild! Vi kommer att dela det med våra vänner. Kan vi träffas på 6:00 ikväll fo en genomgång ?

carinaahlskog [3:02 PM]
Thanks! :heart: 6 pm :+1:

6pm UK time, right?

champ_arts [3:25 PM]

champ_arts [5:40 PM]
hi. really sorry but could we meet at 7pm GMT

having a few technical difficulties this end

carinaahlskog [6:07 PM]
It’s ok, I also need a little more time …

champ_arts [7:16 PM]
vi har vissa tekniska svårigheter , kommer vi att ringa dig i en timme när vi är tillbaka i studion

champ_arts [10:28 PM]
uploaded an image: WE DID IT

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champ_arts [10:32 PM]
hey carina that was awesome

carinaahlskog [10:33 PM]
Shall we do it again? :slightly_smiling_face:

champ_arts [10:33 PM]

carinaahlskog [10:37 PM]

champ_arts [10:46 PM]
yes lerts do it again

carinaahlskog [10:46 PM]
I was a bit lost in the beginning, did not know when to start, lost connection .. but I think the end was super nice. :heart:

champ_arts [10:46 PM]
yer it was amazing at the end i think

do you want to come live at the pub to chat to audience?

we should talk about it tomrorrow?

carinaahlskog [10:51 PM]
Are you at the pub now? I’ll be there … just wait a few minutes.

carinaahlskog [11:07 PM]
I can be there now …
carinaahlskog [12:00 AM]
or I see you tomorrow, it’s getting a little late … Have a nice party! Peace and love!

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