carinaahlskog [6:35 AM]
What time is good for you? I’m busy between 12pm (UK time) and 7pm (UK time) today and tomorrow … 8pm, is that ok?

champ_arts [10:09 AM]
ok se dig på 8:00 ikväll :slightly_smiling_face:

champ_arts [10:40 AM]
uploaded an image: IMG_4615.JPG


carinaahlskog [8:06 PM]

carinaahlskog [9:02 PM]
uploaded an image: CHAMP.png



carinaahlskog [11:54 AM]
uploaded and commented on an image: SAVEJABRIL.jpg

1 Comment
Enough is enough. Our promising striker ace Jabril has been told that he will be deported and sent back to Somalia. MunU will not accept this, and now it’s time for our team to fight on the barricades and protest against the Migration board’s decision.
If Finland is making life miserable for Jabril and MunU, MunU will make life difficult for Finland.
Now we’re hoping to create an opinion and ultimately bring order to the asylum processes in the country. Therefore MunU has decided to withdraw from the series! If Jabril can’t play for MunU, MunU will not play at all.
It is horrible that a young conscientious guy like Jabril who has been here over a year, who has several support families around him, who has been integrated in associations and who is actively studying Swedish and already today is just like any other man on the street, should be sent home to a country where everything has been taken away from him and where threats are surrounding him. There is nothing to return to. And we need him. He fits more than well with us.
For MunU Jabril is our team’s future striker. Our old strikers does not produce anymore. Now it’s time for a younger ability to step forward. And this ability is Jabril. He is one of us!
Munsala United are hoping for support by other clubs. Join the campaign #savejabril.
Help us to create opinion. Like and Share. https://www.facebook.com/munsalaunited/photos/a.1487069838273552.1073741828.1444041352576401/1646237749023426/?type=3&theater

champ_arts [2:10 PM]
Fantastisk bild! Vi kommer att dela det med våra vänner. Kan vi träffas på 6:00 ikväll fo en genomgång ?

carinaahlskog [3:02 PM]
Thanks! :heart: 6 pm :+1:

6pm UK time, right?

champ_arts [3:25 PM]

champ_arts [5:40 PM]
hi. really sorry but could we meet at 7pm GMT

having a few technical difficulties this end

carinaahlskog [6:07 PM]
It’s ok, I also need a little more time …

champ_arts [7:16 PM]
vi har vissa tekniska svårigheter , kommer vi att ringa dig i en timme när vi är tillbaka i studion

champ_arts [10:28 PM]
uploaded an image: WE DID IT

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champ_arts [10:32 PM]
hey carina that was awesome

carinaahlskog [10:33 PM]
Shall we do it again? :slightly_smiling_face:

champ_arts [10:33 PM]

carinaahlskog [10:37 PM]

champ_arts [10:46 PM]
yes lerts do it again

carinaahlskog [10:46 PM]
I was a bit lost in the beginning, did not know when to start, lost connection .. but I think the end was super nice. :heart:

champ_arts [10:46 PM]
yer it was amazing at the end i think

do you want to come live at the pub to chat to audience?

we should talk about it tomrorrow?

carinaahlskog [10:51 PM]
Are you at the pub now? I’ll be there … just wait a few minutes.

carinaahlskog [11:07 PM]
I can be there now …
carinaahlskog [12:00 AM]
or I see you tomorrow, it’s getting a little late … Have a nice party! Peace and love!


carinaahlskog [10:13 AM]
A video is coming, but it is rendering … It’s a pretty big file (I scaled it as much as I dared) so it may take a while. Just so you know…
champ_arts [1:50 PM]
Kan vi träffas på 4:00 idag ?

glada för video : D

carinaahlskog [2:25 PM]
Sounds good to me! 4pm (UK)

champ_arts [4:13 PM]
uploaded a file
champ_arts [6:38 PM]
heres a piece of pink floyd for ou

champ_arts [6:46 PM]
uploaded and commented on a file


champ_arts [9:08 AM]
“In June, the U.N. passed a resolution to amend Article 19 which made internet access a basic human right.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/internet-is-as-important-as-food-and-water-to-refugees-in-greece_us_57928a22e4b02d5d5ed1ac5b
The Huffington Post
Internet Is As Important As Food And Water To Refugees In Greece
It helps aid workers and refugees communicate and informs migrants about which routes to take. (384KB)
July 22nd at 10:13 PM
carinaahlskog [9:20 AM]
So this is the situation.
Yesterday I received very sad news.
A good friend of us, a refugee, got the message that he will be sent back home to Somalia. He is only nineteen years old. He has two options in Somalia: To become a soldier or die. Because if he refuses to become a soldier, he will be killed. He’s an orphan, so he has nothing in Somalia. He will appeal the decision to the Supreme Court, but everyone knows it’s hopeless to fight against ”The Man”.

And Yesterday I also received some good news, they offered me a residence in Schwandorf, Germany. I had not applied for it, they just called and asked if I wanted to go… So now I can choose if I want to go there or not. And this Somalian boy he has to choose if he will become a soilder or die.

Fair? I do not think so!
carinaahlskog [10:02 AM]
Sometimes I am so disappointed at my country!

YouTube FinlandToday
A Demonstration Against Refugees in Helsinki, Finland on September 19 2015

Finland Today
‘Close the Borders!’ This is the Message of Anti-Immigrant Demonstrations Today – Finland Today
“Close the borders!” yells a man, holding a sign stating the very same thing he is repeating. (258KB)

Sept 19th, 2015 at 8:16 PM
carinaahlskog [10:06 AM]uploaded a file

carinaahlskog [10:07 AM]
uploaded a file

carinaahlskog [10:07 AM]
uploaded a file

carinaahlskog [10:08 AM]
uploaded a file

carinaahlskog [10:12 AM]
YouTube Jonathan Johansson
Jonathan Johansson & Johan Eckeborn – Den brända jorden

YouTube RockAndDiscoMusic
Pink Floyd — The Wall [[ Official Video ]] HQ

champ_arts [10:48 AM]
The Independent
Britain is building a massive wall to keep refugees out
The UK is going to build a 13ft wall in Calais to block refugees from crossing the channel, the Government has announced. “People are still getting through,” immigration minister Robert Goodwill told the Home Affairs Select Committee. “We have done the fence, now we are doing the wall.” (419KB)
Yesterday at 7:35 AM
champ_arts [12:08 PM]
YouTube TV – 365 Day
1,000s of immigrants try to cross the border at once


carinaahlskog [11:39 AM]
uploaded and commented on a file
MENU .pdf
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The dinner tonight … Shall I send a menu or? I do not really remember what we decided. I have anyway made one. Take a look, and do what you want with it …

The menu consists of really traditional Finnish food, less traditional, and even some influences from Syria. I want to give you a menu that you could get if you came to my home. A year ago we got a new family member, a 25 year old boy from Syria, a refugee. Therefore, the cooking in my home now also have some influences from Syria, so that’s why you also get to taste a bit from there.

champ_arts [11:53 AM]
Wow , som alla ser läcker ! Du är menyn kommer att anlända inom kort ….

champ_arts [1:49 PM]
uploaded an image: CHAMP EATS CARINA.jpg


champ_arts [1:53 PM]
Här är din meny . Vi ville ta med rätter som är mycket traditionella i Storbritannien men har ovanliga namn som ingen förstår .

Vi har inte inkluderat recept så att du kan använda vår 6: e medlem ( Internet) för att upptäcka själv , och att tolka det hur du vill.

champ_arts [2:05 PM]
Om det är för sent för dig att få alla ingredienser i dag då vi kunde ändra i morgon ? Tyvärr har vi bara precis skickat det nu !

carinaahlskog [4:26 PM]
I think we can do it today.

champ_arts [4:30 PM]
Ok bra idag vid 06:00 :slightly_smiling_face: ska vi loggar in på slack video medan vi lagar mat ?

carinaahlskog [5:33 PM]
OK. :slightly_smiling_face:

champ_arts [8:47 PM]
uploaded an image: come dine with carina

champ_arts [8:48 PM]
uploaded an image: spotted dick

champ_arts [8:49 PM]
uploaded an image: city sightseeing

champ_arts [8:50 PM]
uploaded an image: jam sesh



carinaahlskog [10:22 AM] aurora
The sky also had a jam sessions with us yesterday … Aurora Borealis, Jakobstad. Photo: Johanna Överfors.
carinaahlskog [10:35 AM]
Here’s your starting point:
19-21 St Nicholas St (revolution-bar)

carinaahlskog [5:23 PM]
A guided tour in Bristol. I will take you on a tour where you will see some truly special places in Bristol.
Starting point: 19-21 St Nicholas St (revolution-bar)

Select direction by following the first vehicle you see, it could be a bike, a car, a motorcycle or anything with wheels.

Walk 100 m then turn left and walk until you see a red flower, take a photo.

Jump on the first city bus you see and go three stops, if you can not find a bus then walk three blocks.

Wait until you see a person who is talking on the phone. Follow her. Do not let her notice you. Follow her for three blocks. Photo.

Count all red cars/buses that you see for five minutes, and walk as many blocks southwards.

Find a statue, take a selfie with it. Photo.

Find an old lady with glasses and ask her where you can find the nearest cafe, get a takeaway coffee and some snacks or something.

Have a picnic on the first lawn you find. Photo.

Congrats, you did it! You’ve found some grains of gold in Bristol.


carinaahlskog [11:04 AM]
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2fDOdsasJI
YouTube björk HD
Tappi Tíkarrass – London – @ Reykjavík, 28th August, (1982) [Betamax]

carinaahlskog [3:34 PM]
Are you familiar with Pauline Oliveros, a musician / sound artist. I read her book sounding the margins. She says that it is all about to listen, really listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZLJ7PKmpE0
YouTube vilepete
Pauline Oliveros – A Love Song

champ_arts [6:42 PM]
uploaded an image: Live jam sesh

champ_arts [6:51 PM]
Carina , kan du komma tillbaka på slak att prata om idag och igår ?