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The dinner tonight … Shall I send a menu or? I do not really remember what we decided. I have anyway made one. Take a look, and do what you want with it …

The menu consists of really traditional Finnish food, less traditional, and even some influences from Syria. I want to give you a menu that you could get if you came to my home. A year ago we got a new family member, a 25 year old boy from Syria, a refugee. Therefore, the cooking in my home now also have some influences from Syria, so that’s why you also get to taste a bit from there.

champ_arts [11:53 AM]
Wow , som alla ser läcker ! Du är menyn kommer att anlända inom kort ….

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champ_arts [1:53 PM]
Här är din meny . Vi ville ta med rätter som är mycket traditionella i Storbritannien men har ovanliga namn som ingen förstår .

Vi har inte inkluderat recept så att du kan använda vår 6: e medlem ( Internet) för att upptäcka själv , och att tolka det hur du vill.

champ_arts [2:05 PM]
Om det är för sent för dig att få alla ingredienser i dag då vi kunde ändra i morgon ? Tyvärr har vi bara precis skickat det nu !

carinaahlskog [4:26 PM]
I think we can do it today.

champ_arts [4:30 PM]
Ok bra idag vid 06:00 :slightly_smiling_face: ska vi loggar in på slack video medan vi lagar mat ?

carinaahlskog [5:33 PM]
OK. :slightly_smiling_face:

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carinaahlskog [10:22 AM] aurora
The sky also had a jam sessions with us yesterday … Aurora Borealis, Jakobstad. Photo: Johanna Överfors.
carinaahlskog [10:35 AM]
Here’s your starting point:
19-21 St Nicholas St (revolution-bar)

carinaahlskog [5:23 PM]
A guided tour in Bristol. I will take you on a tour where you will see some truly special places in Bristol.
Starting point: 19-21 St Nicholas St (revolution-bar)

Select direction by following the first vehicle you see, it could be a bike, a car, a motorcycle or anything with wheels.

Walk 100 m then turn left and walk until you see a red flower, take a photo.

Jump on the first city bus you see and go three stops, if you can not find a bus then walk three blocks.

Wait until you see a person who is talking on the phone. Follow her. Do not let her notice you. Follow her for three blocks. Photo.

Count all red cars/buses that you see for five minutes, and walk as many blocks southwards.

Find a statue, take a selfie with it. Photo.

Find an old lady with glasses and ask her where you can find the nearest cafe, get a takeaway coffee and some snacks or something.

Have a picnic on the first lawn you find. Photo.

Congrats, you did it! You’ve found some grains of gold in Bristol.


carinaahlskog [11:04 AM]
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2fDOdsasJI
YouTube björk HD
Tappi Tíkarrass – London – @ Reykjavík, 28th August, (1982) [Betamax]

carinaahlskog [3:34 PM]
Are you familiar with Pauline Oliveros, a musician / sound artist. I read her book sounding the margins. She says that it is all about to listen, really listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZLJ7PKmpE0
YouTube vilepete
Pauline Oliveros – A Love Song

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champ_arts [6:51 PM]
Carina , kan du komma tillbaka på slak att prata om idag och igår ?